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      Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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      Add: Jiangxi Fengxin Industrial Park, Fengxin,Jiangxi,P.R.China

      Tel: +86-795-4605771,4605608

      Fax: +86-795-4605772

      E-mail: info@jxsynergy.com

      Post Code: 330700

      Sales Center:

      Room 1901, Tower A, Yuanshen Financial Building, NO. 355 Yuanshen Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai China


      E-mail: sales@jxsynergy.com

      Post Code: 200135

      EHS system

      Safe production policy

      Safety first, prevention first, all hands, comprehensive management, risk management as the basis, the implementation of PDCA cycle management model, to create a team cooperation, employee cooperation safety environment, and ensure safety in production.

      Environmental policy

      Pollution control, emission control, continuous improvement, energy conservation, all hands, and environmental protection.

      Standardization of safety production

      Companies in accordance with the "hazardous chemicals practitioners safety standards for general purpose" (AQ3013-2008) requirements, comprehensive safety work standardization work. Through the establishment of safe production responsibility system, safety management system and operating rules, investigation and management of risks and monitoring of major hazard source, regulate the production of behavior, and continue to improve, continue to strengthen the standardization construction of safety in production enterprises. Company in 2011 through security standards, two standard enterprises acceptance, and in 2014 through security standards, two standard enterprises review.

      Emergency drill

      The company has formulated a scientific, practical and targeted emergency response plan for production safety, set up an emergency fire brigade and signed an emergency rescue agreement with the county fire brigade, which has been continuously improved through regular exercises.


      Aerobic pool of Sewage station Sewage station panorama

      Exhaust gas absorption tower

      Exhaust gas absorption tower

      Compulsory fire brigade

      Joint drills of fire brigade