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      Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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      Add: Jiangxi Fengxin Industrial Park, Fengxin,Jiangxi,P.R.China

      Tel: +86-795-4605771,4605608

      Fax: +86-795-4605772

      E-mail: info@jxsynergy.com

      Post Code: 330700

      Sales Center:

      Room 1901, Tower A, Yuanshen Financial Building, NO. 355 Yuanshen Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai China


      E-mail: sales@jxsynergy.com

      Post Code: 200135


      We have individual QA unit and QC unit, according to GMP requirement under the guideline of ICH Q7. Our QC test center covers 1500m2, including quality and chemical analytical lab, instrument analytical lab and microbial test lab. Many precious analytical instruments such as NMR, XRD, LC/MS, GC/MS, MALVERN Mastersizer2000, SEM, HPLC, and GC. etc are all well-equipped.

      A complete documentation system for all kinds of SOPs is on site, and quality management regulations such as change control, deviation management, validation, calibration, self-inspection and quality review are strictly performed. From process design, material purchase, production, test and release to after-sale service, we practice overall process control, so as to ensure stable and high quality.

      Our company accepts customer quality audits more than 50 times a year, and has been tested by national officials such as NMPA, US-FDA, PMDA, MFDS for on-site quality inspections for several times; up to now, we have successfully obtained a number of certificates including GMP, USFDA-EIR LETTER, CEP, EU-GMP and so on. 


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